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Welcome to Urban Eden Landscaping! We provide Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Services In Vancouver, WA for Residential and Commercial Properties. Other service areas include Hazel Dell, Minnehaha, Walnut Grove, and Lake Shore.

Residential Lawn Maintenance

The value of a home and its property is greatly based on the landscape. Keeping the lawn green, the shrubs pruned, and the weeds away are all great ways of increasing not only the appearance of your property but the value as well. We encourage all homeowners, whether you are new to the home or have lived there your entire life, to imagine a beautiful rich green lawn, raised garden beds where you once had to kneel, or the sound of a flowing stream with a cascading waterfall in your own backyard. The possibilities are endless!

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Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Not only should home owners be conscious of the aesthetics of their landscape but local business owners should also consider having their place of business be as stress free as possible. Arriving at your place of business and having to worry about the parking lot clogged up with leaves and flower beds full of weeds is counterproductive and is not welcoming to business owners, employees, and especially customers. Urban Eden Landscaping can assure local business owners that the grounds will be well kept and hassle free. Generally, the best place to start is by creating a low maintenance landscape by getting rid of, or solving, the cause of the landscape problem. Creating a low maintenance landscape in a commercial setting can add beauty, attraction, and of course catch the eye of prospective clients.
Lawn Care and Landscaping


Vancouver, WA

Lawn Maintenance services are available in Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas in Clark County. Contact us if you have questions or comments.

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Our Clients Know Best

Urban Eden Landscaping is fortunate enough to have served both residential clients and large commercial accounts. We encourage our current and past customers to speak out and let us, as well as our future clients, know the quality of the services we provide.