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16 Nov

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The fall landscape in Vancouver Washington is an exceptionally gorgeous one. Though there are some issues that come along with all those leaves falling from those beautiful trees. As the leaves start to fall onto your lawn it is important for them not to stay too long. If they do they’ll eventually create an impermeable layer that will begin to suffocate the grass and can cause large dead spots. Now days there are many options to leaf clean up in Vancouver Washington. If you’re looking to hire a lawn service company to take care of the yard maintenance than you can leave the debris removal up to them. Otherwise there are a few different options to making leaf clean up a more realistic and less daunting task.

One option is to use your lawn mower for the fall clean up. Simply attach the bag to the mower and mow over the leaves. Collecting the chopped up leaves in the lawn mower bag makes it easy to dump the leaves in your compost pile or curbside collection bin. You can also mulch the leaves into the grass which will add organic matter to the soil and feed the worms and small insects keeping the soil nutrient rich. Come spring season you will never know the leaves were there and your lawn will look great.

Another option to dealing with the leaves is to use a handheld leaf blower or a backpack blower. The blowers allow you to easily move the leaves from one side of the yard to the other, make leaf piles, and help keep the driveway and sidewalks clean as well. Depending on the type of blower you choose there will be some maintenance that comes along with the equipment to tend to in order to keep the tools running properly.

The last option we’ll discuss is the good old fashioned raking. Depending on the size of the yard this option may or may not be feasible for some homeowners. Leaf raking is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. There are a lot of different types of rakes to choose from to help you get the job done with ease. Though it may not be some people’s number one choice there is a sense of self satisfaction that comes along with defeating ones leaf ridden yard with a tool as simple and primitive as a rake.