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07 Sep

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Fall Lawn Fertilization and Care

Fertilizing your lawn is extremely important in order to have a lush and healthy looking lawn in Vancouver, Washington. Ideally, you should fertilize your lawn twice a year, once in early fall and again in spring. However, if you can only fertilize your lawn once a year, then fall is the best time to do it. Fertilizing your lawn in fall ensures that your lawn has strong roots that are able to endure winter’s cold months. It also ensures that your lawn turns a lovely green in springtime.

Seeding your lawn in fall is also a great idea. Overseeding increases the density of your lawn, which means it will look far more rich and lush. Overseeding also improves the general appearance and overall health of your lawn as well.

Once the cooler autumn months arrive and your lawn has been properly fertilized, it’s time to ensure that you are cutting your grass to the correct height. Keeping your grass at about 2 inches tall is a great height for most grasses in the fall season. Be careful not to cut your grass much shorter than this because it discourages root growth and more weeds can sneak into your lawn.

No matter what season it is, your lawn needs water. If, for some reason, the rain is not falling (which would be odd here in Vancouver, Washington) ensure that you continue to consistently water your grass. About 1 inch per week should suffice. It is best to water your grass early in the morning, so you will lose far less liquid to evaporation. Watering at night is discouraged because it can promote fungal growth.

Urban Eden Landscaping would love to take care of fertilizing your lawn this fall. For more information about preparing your yard for the fall season, click here.