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24 Nov

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What can and cannot be composted? This is a very common question asked by those looking to begin composting in Vancouver Washington. The answer is almost endless. Below is a short list of some of the items that Urban Eden Landscaping accepts from clients signed up for our compost collection service in Vancouver Washington.

Though some of these items may be compostable we don’t include them in our Vancouver composting program due to the hassle of some the objects, the synthetic ingredients in others, as well as the relative slow breakdown of the item into compost. Plastic of any kind should be properly recycled or unfortunately put into the garbage. Styrofoam meat trays should be omitted from the compost collection container as well. Though the trays are used for food packaging they themselves are not compostable. Aluminum foil should be recycled whenever possible. Candles, corks, and gum often have synthetic ingredients in them and don’t breakdown well. Artificial flowers and plants often times look real but they’re not and will only sit in the compost bin and continue to have their phony elegance. Cigarette butts and tobacco often have added chemicals which are deadly to the beneficial organisms that help turn the proper ingredients of the compost pile into the desired nutrient rich soil. Baby wipes & Diapers should be properly disposed of in the garbage. Disposable mop sheets and Dryer lint sheets also tend to contain synthetic fibers that don’t breakdown well and are often toxic. Vacuum cleaner bags usually have a lot of compostable contents but also tend to have a lot of plastics and metals within them as well and for that reason should be avoided in the compost. Pet waste is compostable but because it often contains disease organisms should not be composted in the same manner as food scraps. Fireplace or BBQ ashes are generally high in toxins due to the fuels added to the charcoal and should also be avoided.

Now for the items that work well with our compost collection services in Vancouver Washington. Fruit and vegetable scraps, Meat, shellfish, fish products, Pasta, bread, cereal, Dairy products, egg shells, Coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags, Paper towels and paper towel rolls, Soiled paper food packaging, Paper fast food packaging, Pizza boxes, Muffin wrappers, Flour and sugar bags, Paper plates, Candies, cookies and cakes, Baking ingredients, herbs, spices, Household plants including soil, and Pet food are just a small portion of what can be added to the compost.

When you sign up for the compost collection and begin using our food scrap pick up services in Vancouver Washington we will give you a small magnet that has all of these items listed and more. That way you will have this information when you need it. We are also available to answer phone calls and emails with any questions that our clients have with their new composting experience. All of which make the decision to compost, recycle, or throw away items a much easier task.