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23 Aug

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Organic Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn and ensuring it is as lush as possible throughout the year is a difficult task here in Vancouver, Washington. Many people turn to harsh chemical substances to ensure that their lawns are looking good year round. However, with a little bit of dedication, and with the help of Urban Eden Landscaping, anyone can learn to take care of their lawns organically. Here are some tips on how to successfully care for your lawn organically, without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals.

Test the Soil

The first step in caring for your lawn organically is to have your soil tested. Once you know what nutrients your lawn is lacking, you will know how to amend and improve the soil. You will want to dig up and take several samples of soil from various places in your yard. Once you have some soil samples, send them off to a lab to be analyzed. If you are unsure of where to send your soil to be analyzed, call local nurseries and universities for help. Once the quality of your soil has been assessed, you will have a clear idea of what amendments to add to your soil to improve your lawn. For instance, if your soil’s PH level is too acidic, you can add lime to make it more neutral, or if it is too neutral you can add sulfur to bring up the acidity.


Mowing is another important part of ensuring your lawn is healthy. Mow your lawn often, but do not cut it too short. It is best to keep your grass between 2 and 3 inches in height. Grass roots grow about as deep as the grass is high. Therefore, the shorter you cut your grass, the shorter the roots, and the less likely your lawn will flourish. Cutting your grass too short can expose surface roots, which dries out the soil faster and can easily kill a perfectly healthy lawn. At the end of the lawn growing season, cut the grass to about 2 inches; this will fight against the risk of mold building up over winter. Furthermore, always keep your mower’s blade as sharp as possible, to ensure that your grass is truly being cut and not merely being ripped out by a dull blade.


Knowing how to properly water your lawn is key in having a healthy and successful lawn. Watering your lawn thoroughly encourages the grass roots to grow deeply into the ground, which is important to the success of any lawn. Under watering your lawn keeps the roots from growing deeply and, therefore, increases the likelihood that your lawn will die quickly. Moreover, let your lawn dry out completely before watering it again. A healthy lawn should take about 1 inch of water a week to stay lush and green.

Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn often will also help your lawn grow rich and lush. You have several options for organic fertilizer. It is sold at a plethora of local nurseries and garden centers. Or you can choose to compost and create your own fertilizer. Urban Eden offers composting services and would be more than happy to help you get started. Click here to learn more about our food scrap pick up and composting services.