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29 Nov

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Taking care of your lawn and cutting your grass seems like a no-brainer. A lot of homeowners, if properly equipped with the right tools, will tend to their own lawns without knowing some key safety elements. Of course the lawn is still getting cut but knowing some extra tips could definitely help improve the condition of the yard as well as keep the individual safe while doing so. Before mowing your lawn there are some safety items to remember before firing up the lawn mower.

1. Inspect the yard for any obstructions especially if you have children or animals. Not only are items in the grass dangerous but hitting them with the lawn mower can also be detrimental to your equipment. Be sure to be on the lookout for rocks, sticks, toys, among lots of other backyard obstacles.

2. Make sure to wear the proper personal protective equipment. Typically when lawn mowing in Vancouver WA you want to be wearing eye protection to keep any projectile debris out of your eyes. Secondly, you want to wear ear protection to dull down the loud noises created from the lawn mowers engine. If cutting the grass in the heat you should remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and keeping water nearby so you’re able to easily rehydrate when necessary. Also, when out in the heat you should protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by using plenty of sunscreen as well as wearing pants and long sleeves. Pants, long sleeves, and gloves will also protect your skin from any flying debris and keep minor injuries to a minimum.

3. Lastly, when mowing always try and keep a good distance from moving parts of the lawn care equipment. A lot of damage can be done to an individual and making sure you are familiar with the mower by taking the time to look over the owner’s manual is a great way to keep yourself safe.

Lawn mowing isn’t for everyone. Should you not have the time, have no interest, or just don’t feel comfortable doing so you should look to hire a company for lawn mowing in Vancouver Washington. Of course there are a lot of reasons why you should hire a lawn care company and we hope to be able to help you make the decision of whether or not doing so is right for you.