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Composting Services

Composting Service

Urban Eden Landscaping is now offering mobile composting services. Composting is the most environmentally friendly way of ridding yourself of your food scraps and other biodegradable household trash. You will no longer be wrapping your apple cores, banana peels, and leftovers in plastic garbage bags to have the city haul them away to sit in a landfill for countless years. Urban Eden will provide you with 2 compost collection containers per week. All you have to do is fill the collection container with food scraps, snap on the lid, and set it at your doorstep for pick up. Every week our crew will collect your full containers and replace them with ones that are clean and ready to use. We will take the collected food scraps back to our facilities and compost them. Once we have been in operation for 6-12 months we hope to be able to offer finished compost to those clients who request it at no additional cost.


Benefits of Composting

The benefits of having Urban Eden compost your food waste and other household materials are tremendous. By signing up with our compost pick up service you will be reducing the amount of waste going to landfills and in turn this lowers the fuel consumption used to pick up and drop off garbage. The large gas guzzling trucks used for city pick up will be stopping at your house less often because you’ll have less trash. Less garbage = Less garbage bills. About 1/3 (If not more) of household garbage can be composted. Urban Eden Landscaping will provide you with a list of items that we will gladly take away for you as well as a list of items that should be omitted from the compost collection containers. One of the biggest perks of signing up for our mobile compost collection services is the FREE COMPOST! As mentioned above, after 6-12 months of collecting food scraps upon your request we will deliver 5 gallons of finished compost per week for you to use as you see fit.

Benefits of Using Compost:

After receiving your compost each week there are many ways to put it to good use. Compost is great for amending soil in gardens and flower beds. Compost is also great for fertilizing as it adds important micro-nutrients to soils that damaging chemical fertilizers cannot. Simply topdressing the soil of house plants and watering the compost into the soil helps to add essential nutrients as well. For those of you who do not need or want the finished compost made from the collected food scraps any remaining compost will be offered to local farms, community gardens, and nurseries.

Weekly Collection Fees:

Residential Weekly Compost Collection – $25.00/Month

  • 2 Five Gallon Containers ($5 Extra per additional container)

Small Business/Office Weekly Compost Collection – $25.00/Week

  • 2 Ten Gallon Stainless Steel Trash Cans ($10 Extra per additional container

Café/Restaurant Weekly Compost Collection – Contact Us for Pricing

  • Collection Containers Dependent on Composting Needs

For those of you who are interested in helping to keep the earth green and keeping compostable materials out of landfills please contact us immediately to begin the hassle free and responsible way of recycling your garbage.


Compostable Do’s and Dont’s


Compostable Put it in the bucket!

Fruit and vegetable scraps
Meat, shellfish, fish products
Pasta, bread, cereal
Dairy products, egg shells
Coffee grounds, filters, & tea bags
Paper towels and paper towel rolls
Soiled paper food packaging
Paper fast food packaging
Pizza boxes
Muffin wrappers
Flour and sugar bags
Paper plates
Candies, cookies and cake
Baking ingredients, herbs, spices
Household plants including soil
Pet food



Not Compostable. Put it in recycling or trash!

PLASTIC of any kind
Styrofoam meat trays
Aluminum foil
Candles, corks and gum
Artificial flowers and plants
Rugs, carpets
Cigarette butts, tobacco
Dental floss and Q-tips
Baby wipes/Diapers
Disposable mop sheets
Dryer lint sheets
Vacuum cleaner bags
Hair, pet fur, pet waste
Dead animals
Fireplace or BBQ ashes
Recyclable materials

Food Scrap Pickup