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09 Dec

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Thatching is an important and vital step in our landscape maintenance service in Vancouver WA. Typically we encourage our clients to partake in thatching every couple of years in order to reduce the buildup of thatch and of course to assist in removing moss from the lawn.

For smaller lawns our crews will typically remove moss and thatch manually using rakes and other necessary hand tools. For larger jobs and grass areas with a great deal of moss we’ll typically bring in a power rake or thatcher to pull as much debris as possible out of the lawn. It may seem counterproductive and destructive to be pulling out large amounts of the lawn you’ve worked so hard to keep looking great but in a couple weeks the lawn will be at its best and you’ll be glad you did.

Removing the compacted layer of thatch reduces the risk of fungal diseases, harmful insects, and can increase the amount of water and nutrients being absorbed by the roots. Not only will you be thatching the lawn but you’ll be removing a great deal of moss as most lawns in Vancouver Washington tend to have some moss build up. Once the thatch and moss removal is complete you’ll be wise to reseed the lawn and fertilize to encourage new lush growth. A great way to help your grass seed sprout and start off on the right foot is to distribute a thin layer of composted soil mix throughout the turf after the thatching has taken place. Not only are you giving the seeds a good bedding to sprout but you are also applying a great slow release fertilizer to the existing grass.


Moss Removal in Vancouver WA

Thatching and moss removal in Vancouver Washington is a must in most landscapes and is highly recommended to assist in keeping ones lawn looking its best during the growing season as well as the winter months.