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14 Nov

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Adding some curb appeal to your home prior to putting it up for sale can go a long way in the quickness that is sells. Here is a list of the top 6 things that one can do to better their chances in a speedy sale of their home in Vancouver, Washington.

1) Weed Control: When a prospective buyer drives up to the property the first thing they’re going to notice is the tidiness or lack thereof of the landscape. If the flower beds are filled with weeds, there is ivy growing up the trees, and blackberry crowding out the backyard, the buyer is going to see that there is a lot of yard work needed and may not be up to the challenge.

2) Pruning, Hedge trimming, and Removing Unwanted Trees or Shrubs: Creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape is best when putting your house up for sale. Cutting back any overgrowth on shrubs, low-hanging branches on trees, and the removal of any plants that aren’t healthy or are just too crowded is a great step in bringing in those buyers. Be sure that if you don’t have the means of hauling away the debris that you hire a local lawn care company in Vancouver, Washington.

3) Haul Away Junk and Yard Debris: After several years of living in a home often the owners or tenants tend to stock pile branches, Christmas trees, leaves, etc. Often these heaps aren’t what the new homeowners are looking for when shopping for a new home. Be sure to haul away any such clutter. Any old lawn furniture, broken lawn mowers, scrap wood, etc. all needs to be hauled away.

4) Pressure Washing: Pressure washing in Vancouver Washington is a must when selling a home. Cleaning up the siding of the house, spraying out the gutters, removing moss build up on the driveway and green algae from the deck and fences goes a long way in making the home more appealing and less of a slipping hazard while touring the home.

5) Mulch or Bark Dust Installation: After those flower beds are weeded out a good thick layer of bark dust, bark chips, decorative rock, or your mulch of choice should be applied. This layer of materials will create a weed barrier and if applied correctly will make the flower beds and planting areas be more defined and pleasing to the eye.

6) Weekly Landscape Maintenance: No matter what time of year you’re trying to sell your home there is always a need for the landscape to be kept up. If you don’t have the time to do so you should look to hire a lawn maintenance and yard care business to keep up the curb appeal. Weed control, lawn mowing and edging, as well as leaf cleanup is absolutely necessary to keep the property look its best until it sells.